sonic corn dog day

sonic corn dog day

sonic corn dog day 2024

Sonic Drive-In celebrates sonic corn dog day by offering flavoured corn dogs to customers and fans for 50 cents and 99 cents. This day is celebrated on 31st October and 27th November, and this year, it will be celebrated on 14th August and 18th. It is often celebrated on holidays and special events as well. Fans eagerly wait for this day and enjoy this special day to the fullest when such occasions come.

what type of meat is in a sonic corn dog

Sonic corn dog A popular dish is the juicy beef hot dog. It uses flour, sugar, milk, baking powder and salt. It is deep-fried in sweet corn batter so that it is well-fried and makes a tasty hot dog.

Sonic Corn Dog price

The price of Sonic corn dogs is around $2.29, and these prices may vary by region.

Sonic 50 cent corn dog day

Sonic Drive-In has been celebrating Sonic Corn Dog Day for a long time. On this day, you can enjoy as many corn dogs as you want for just 50 cents with your family and friends. National Corn Dog Day is on the 16th of March, Halloween is on the 31st of October, and Cyber ​​Monday is on the 27th of November. Celebrating all these dates throughout the year, Sonic Drive-In offers delicious food. By the way, the price of corn dog is 2.29$ and their prices may vary according to different regions.

Sonic 50 cent corn dog day

Sonic 99 cent corn dog day

Sonic Drive-In presents an offer on March 13 that will make your taste buds even more delicious. This offer is for a limited period, i.e., one day only. You can buy corn dogs from there for just 99 cents, buy as many as you want, and enjoy them to satisfy your tasty cravings.

Sonic 99 cent corn dog day

Sonic corn dog ingredients

  1. Hot Dogs
  2. Cornmeal
  3. Sugar
  4. Salt
  5. Milk or Buttermilk
  6. Egg
  7. Cooking Oil


Sonic’s 50-cent corn dog and 99-cent corn dog both make happy moments even more fun. Go to the nearest Sonic location with your friends and relatives and enjoy corn dogs along with more great food, drinks, and delicious deals. I hope you will benefit from all this information.

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