Sonic order online

Sonic order online

How to Order Online From the Sonic Menu

Always use Sonic Drive-In’s official app to sonic order online From the Sonic Menu. With the help of this app, you can find the nearest location and pay for the order through this app ahead of time. You can also use this app on Android, download it from the official Apple or Google Play store, and order the food you choose.

Method of sonic order online

1. Download the Sonic Drive-In App or Visit the Website

Download the official drive-in app.
Visit the official Sonic Door-in-Websites through a web browser.

2. Create an Account or Log In

If you are a new user, first create an account. You must give your full name, address, email, etc., to order online from Sonic Menu. If your account has already been created, log in, use it, and take advantage of it.

3. Browse the Menu

You can check the menu through any browser or review all the information through the app. Select your favorite menu items and enjoy.

4. Select Your Items

Before choosing your favorite items from the Sonic drive-in menu, carefully check the item’s price, size, and calories before placing sonic order online.

5. Choose Your Pickup Location

You can check your current location and the location of your nearest Sonic with the help of its official website or app for accessible pickup locations.

6-Review Your Order

Please review your order once before paying. All the selected items are correct or not; you can have items, prices, calories, and locations. All these must be checked once so that there is no mistake and your payment is not lost.

7. Complete Payment

Now, pay so your order can be delivered to your location. There are many payment methods available here. You can adopt any payment method of your choice. You can pay through any process using the Sonic drive-in app, debit card, credit card, or Sonic gift card.

8. Pickup

Once your payment is completed, a confirmation from Sonic Drive-In with full details will be sent. The order will reach your location within that specified time.


We’ve given you a complete guide on how to order from the Sonic drive-in menu. You can sonic online order food whether you are a new or old customer. After reading this complete article, you will know how to order online. Enjoy ordering your favorite foods from the Sonic mobile app or the official Sonic website.

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